Wing-ed Lidded Box "The Queen"

$ 29.95

    This is a Piece made by turning a Rectangular Board on the Lathe. It's particularly difficult, and not a little dangerous. This is because the board is spinning around at several-hundred RPM and the tool cuts one end, flies across open space (the longer the board, or the farther out on the disk of spin, the farther the flight), and begin the next cut from the oncoming edge without getting caught on said edge. It's like flying an airplane low over a series of hills and touching the hilltops in succession without breaking off a wheel. I call it "Cuttus Interruptus". In all, it requires a very light touch. A "catching" can lead to different unwanted things. It can splinter the board; it can take the tool out of one's hand, sending it towards one's chin; or it can knock the board right out of the lathe chuck and send it flying - un-commanded departure from controlled flight - (again, in the direction of the ever-present chin. That said, they're a lot of fun to make. A real challenge to one's mastery over the tools and machinery. 

    Then, when that succeeds, one has a wing- or propeller-like object with a small, round bowl in the middle, to which one fits a separately-turned Lid, to which one affixes a separately-turned finial of appropriate proportions. And, when its done, it's like magic.

    This one is made of Camphor Wood, and has a Lid that's a Finial that's a Lid, which is made of Quina.

    If you're in want of a unique way to sneak an Engagement Ring to your Beloved, here's your Trojan Horse. Look at the other offerings like this. Or, if you prefer, I can make one Special for you - with your own Design Input. Say, your Beloved's Favorite Gemstone inlaid or otherwise affixed. Wow! Two gifts in one. You're a Genius.

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