Small Bowl of Camphor

$ 19.95

    This Little Bowl was living in a tree in my back yard not long ago. The tree was trimmed, and I said, "Timber!", as in, timber that's very good for turning on the Lathe. And the Piece is one of my first forays into it with the Sharp Steel. Pretty, innit? This defines Art for Art's Sake. I hope you like it. Incidentally, before I work any species I've not before worked, I do myself a little schooling on it. Yes, the name - Camphor - does sound familiar. The aroma this Wood emits when freshly cut is not altogether unpleasantly like Campho-Phenique. It loses that effect after it dries, and, of course, when I finish it with Walnut Oil, for a short while, it smells like a Walnut.  It's about the size of a business card and about 1-1/4" Deep.

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