Large Bowl of Peach

$ 373.99

     This is a roughly 11" Diameter. 3' Deep Bowl.   I made it from live (read: wet) Peach. I has stunning Figure and Color. After finishing it, I left it outside for a week or two and observed the changes that take place in such things. Wood moves, you see. It was round when fresh off the Lathe, but over time, it's taken its own shape through movement - what some call "warpage". That makes this piece utterly unique. What's really cool is that it moved without cracking.  A Piece of Its OWN DESIGN . As unique as the tree from.which it came. A couple of the photos in this series show the Bowl sitting on the other half of the buck from which I made the Bowl. A couple of the others clearly illustrate the Wood's Own Design Input. The 1/2 buck has since cracked down the middle. Stay tuned. I may make a set of four smaller Bowls from it. 

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