Keepsake Box "Easter"

$ 374.99

   This is a Keepsake Box inspired by Asian Designs in Art and Architecture . It has a body of Curly Maple and Walnut joined at the corners by Splined Miters of Cocobolo . The Lid is Book-matched Bubinga and opens in a door-like fashion on Wooden Hinges, of Maple and Walnut, that I designed and created myself, with much trial and error. (I think it was attempt #863 that finally nailed it). The Decorations on the two lid-halves are made of Maple and Padauk and are integral to the Hinges . The base is a Molded Frame of Mahogany and the Box's Bottom is a solid slab of Walnut, shaped and sized so as to give the effect that the Box Floats above the Base . Not really. It's just magic that holds it up. This is a Highly-Valued One-of-a-Kind Work of Functional Art.

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