Eucalyptus Hollow Form

Eucalyptus Hollow Form

$ 174.99

    Made from Locally-Sourced Eucalyptus, this is a Hollow Form Bowl finished in shellac and wax. Eucalyptus is one of the most stunningly beautiful species I've found yet. It exhibits all the qualities a wood lover looks for in some of the most exotic (and expensive) hardwoods. I get it free because it's everywhere around here, and I have a Pavlovian response to  the sound of chainsaws.

    The size is roughly 5-1/2" in diameter. If you insist upon a Piece of Art being useful, I guess you could display some silk flowers, or air fern, or even African Violets in it. Or you could just stare at it lovingly, the way I do.

     Price doesn't include shipping.

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