Decorative Vase

$ 324.99

    This Vase is turned from, of all things, Plywood. Purty, innit? It stands 10" tall, yet is only about 3-3/4" deep. That's why I call it Decorative. I suppose you could use it as a Candleholder, if you insist that it be useful. (It's really too shallow to put flowers in.)

     I'd never even thought to try to turn Plywood. Then, I made a Buddy in Western Australia, named Bob Wemm, on the Lumberjocks Site. (It's a forum for Woodsmiths, and the like. Give it a visit - it's a treasure trove of the Wooden Arts. No one sells anything there - it's a Forum.

    I'd been trying for a long time to figure out how to turn a Objet de Art, such that straight lines would come out curved. As I said, I'd never thought of Plywood. It's a neat novelty. But not something I'm going to make a habit of - the day after I finished was largely devoted to sharpening my tools, because glue (which makes up about 90% of Plywood) is extremely abrasive and UNsharpens tools, post-haste.

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