Candle Holder/Flame Included

$ 337.99

    This started out as a Mulberry tree in my neighbor's yard. I'd looked at that tree for years, and thought, Boy, would I like to get my mitts on some of that. A few months ago, the tree was completely removed, and I was allowed as much of it as I wanted. This is the second piece of this stunning wood I've made anything of. (See "Live-Edge Mulberry Candleholder")

    It's called a "Tri-Cornered Turning", and it's my first such effort. It's a true, OOAK Objet de Art. That's why I included the flame. It's pictured sitting on the piece of Mulberry from which I cut the blank. That way, you can see it in it's before-and-after glory.

Price doesn't include insured shipping.

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