Plumb the depths of a piece of wood, and you'll often discover remarkable things. For instance, are you aware that we are surrounded by trees that conceal within themselves some  breathtaking  beauty Yeah, you are. I'm one of those afflicted with the  need  to find out what's in there. And to share it with you. It may not always be  useful.  It may not  be particularly  attractive  to your eye. But it's  always  One-Of-A-Kind,  for every piece of wood is as unique as a fingerprint. Solomon, who said,  "There is nothing new under the Sun," never, I suppose, cracked open a piece of Eucalyptus. Enjoy your visit. And, if you find something I've made with my hands that you  really,  really,  like and want, and the price seems extravagant, please remember that the least qualified assessor of the value of a piece of  Art  is the  Artiste.  So,  feel  free  to  make  an  offer,  or  suggestion.  While I love my work, sell I must, for I must eat.