Fancy Boxes

  Fancy Boxes are so-called because, in my 'umble opinion, they're more good-for-looking at (Lookinat Boxes, I call them) than putting things in. They're Art, for cryin' out loud. Here, you'll find that sort of Thing. Other Boxes, I simply call "Boxes" or "Artistic Boxes" (which, of course is a general term - they're all artistic). I'm in a dither, forgive me - it's hard to build a website that flows and makes sense.

    Look around. If you see a Fancy Box you must have, but it seems rather pricey, please feel free to make me a reasonable offer. For, naturally, the least qualified appraiser of the value of a Piece of Art is the Artiste. What matters is what it's worth to you.

    Most of the Fancy Boxes you'll see here have already found homes and are here as examples. My intent is to make a Fancy Box with your input. That makes it very personal as a Gift. Picture this: "I had a guy make this for you. With his hands! That really fetching bit right there? That was my idea." Huh?

    Oh. And one other thing: A Box is not necessarily always a square or rectangular Thing. See "Lidded Boxes", for instance, which are turned on the Lathe., like the Acorns below.