Mark The Woodsmith

    Hi. I'm Mark The Woodsmith. Welcome to my little store. I'm glad you made it. 

    Located in Southern California, I've been discovering the magic of Wood, through the arduous process of self-education (with much input from Masters of the craft, both living and departed), for seven or eight years. I began by making things that the house needed, like faux shutters for the garage window, a porch rail, a gate, a kitchen trash can, a laundry cabinet, and such. All Things of a Carpenterlike nature. Then, I decided that what was  really  needed around here was something in the front yard to give my Wisteria something to climb. Using Redwood, I designed and began building an Arbor, or, a  Pergola,  as I prefer to name it. It was a basic pole with a tree of sorts on the top. As I was constructing it, I began to notice the truly striking beauty of the wood itself. That's right. Ordinary Redwood, the likes of which barns are built, has an  extraordinary beauty to it. You gotta get inside with sharp steel and elbow grease. I started sculpting with the normal bench chisels I had on hand, which resulted in an almost entirely hand-sculpted  Work of Yard Art. It's almost a shame that , for most of the year, it's covered up by a vine.  That led to Outdoor Furniture.  Then, quite accidentally, I found myself in posession of a Combination Machine, called a Shopsmith,  that's older than I am. Mostly, it's a lathe. And oh the creative beast that was discovered within.  

    An  Artist   was unleashed, and has had full dominion of my activities ever since.  They make me happy.

    Look around. Enjoy your visit. Buy something, if you please. And note that, not only am I obsessed with crafting Things from my own imagination, I also have a special affection for Furniture Orphans. Refinishing and Restoration Services are offered here at reasonable rates.

    Please feel free to use the Contact Page with any questions, requests, suggestions, etc. I'm the gregarious sort and I don't bite. Come on in. And bring a friend.

    The journey continues. Come along, won't you?

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