Useful Art

    I know. Weird, innit? Some people say, "What's it for?" "What are you gonna do with it?" I'm an Artist. (Other people have said so.) Was Rodin's The Thinker intended to be a door stop, or, maybe, a paper weight?

    I freely concede that, sometimes - not always  intentionally - a Work of Art can be Useful. Hence, my offering of this Collection of Useful Art. This includes, but is not limited to things such as Bowls, Boxes, Yard Art, Kitchen Things, Frames, etc.. All Decorative, to be sure. But sometimes, expressly intended to serve some purpose beyond just standing there looking pretty, a station in life that I myself  sometimes find a little less than fulfilling.

    Thanks for coming in to my little Store. Stay a spell and use the Contact Form to place an Order for some Custom bit of Handmade Art. Even if you insist that it be Useful Art.