Peach Bowl "Zuppa di Cipolle"

$ 344.99

    This bit of Peach Wood is end-turned. It was horrifically checked, meaning it had cracks radiating from the center - the pith. Some turners swear by the axiom that any cracked piece of wood should be dispatched to the rubbish heap. I'm not one of those. It's a stretch, sometimes, to divine a way to stabilize such a piece of what is usually considered too dangerous to lay sharp steel to at hundreds of RPM. There are two, at current count, reasons this is a good thing. 1)It's a wonderful exercise for the imagination - a thinking-outside-the-box, off-the-charts, methodology, and; B)Look at what one can do with a little bit of teasing-the-fates tomfoolery. I cheated death and injury and learned a new way to shore up a piece of cracked wood. I've never seen this attempted by anyone else, so I'm thinking of filing for a patent for the process. 

    The photos show some of the roughing-out process. The photos of the roughed-out piece in clamps show the way I addressed the issue by installing splines in kerfs. And the finished shots show the Bowl sitting atop a couple pieces of the same log from which it came - pieces I will begin transforming into a Pair of Bowls (hopefully, without cracking - I cut these whacky chunks better).

    The Bowl measures 6-3/8" X 1-7/8" and is finished in Oil and Friction Polish. The Splines are Ambrosia Maple, one of which I left intact in the bottom.

    Price doesn't include Insured Shipping

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