Lookinat Box "Sanitary Unit #4"

$ 274.99

    This Box is one of my earliest forays into the Art of Boxmaking. It's a simple design of four Walls, a Floor, and a Lid measuring @4" Square and @3-1/2" Deep. The Walls, joined with Finger Joints, are made of Red Oak. The Lid is a Frame of Walnut and Hard Maple surrounding a grid-work skylight, also Oak. These pieces are tightly fitted together with Lap Joints that are so precise that they required no glue. The whole of the Grid is likewise fitted into the Surround, which is Cocobolo. There is no glue or any other type of fastener involved in this Box. The Joinery is that good. No. There's glue holding the Bottom in. But, that's the only glue.The Lid Slides on and off on a pair of Runners attached (yes, glued - but that's all) to the Lid's underside and sliding in Dovetailed Grooves in the Body. (A device of my own divination. Due to the fact that there's nothing holding this Thing together but Friction, this Box is what I lovingly call a "Lookinat Box" - the Lid will fall apart if manhandled. So, it's good for lookin' at, but not much else. You are free to stare at it all day long. Buy this one, or order one like it - not identical (everything's OOAK). Go to the Contact Page and express your wishes. Every fibre of my devotion will be yours until my errand is complete and your wishes fulfilled. I love Wood.

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