Lidded Box "The Broken"

$ 344.99

    This Lidded Box is made of Hackberry. It's a very fragile bit of timber. It's very "cork-like". As such, it's not an easy Wood to turn. Like the Eucalyptus Bowl "The Broken", it was just too pretty too give up on. So, here it is. I made it to look like a Pot-Within-A-Pot, with a Lid. I think it's worth sharing. The subtle shadings and the veins that course through the Wood make it truly unique. 
    Make of it what you will. My hope is hat you'll make room for it in your world. A One-Of-A-Kind Piece of Art is nothing to sneeze at.
    Thanks for coming in. And, as with almost anything else you see in my little Store, if you like it, and you really want it, but you think I think too much of it, make me a reasonable offer. The least qualified assessor of the value of an Objet de Arte is the Artiste. 
     Price doesn't include shipping.

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