Knife Block "Sputnik"

$ 94.99

    So called because this is my very first attempt at designing and making a Knife Block. I think it came out very well. Don't you?

    It's made of three different Wood Species, only one of which I can name with any certainty. That would be the "nose piece" - that darkest bit right up front. It's Cocobolo. (Or is it Padauk?) The light Wood that makes up the bulk of the Thing is either one of the many Maples extant, or, some kind of Cherry. I only know that it's all from the same block of Wood, which I bought online upwards of a year ago, and didn't think to label it. (Sometimes, my head is just a hat rack). The dark piece that hols the smaller of the single Knives is a Wood I've been calling Mahogany, and still do so call it. It's from a couple of chunks of timber that used to have an RV parked on top of. I rescued those chunks from the dustbin of history and have used it to good effect, and will continue to do so until I run out of it.

    That said, here's what I hope to do. I made this Block tailored to a set of ten Kitchen Knives I recently acquired. That is to say that it's built for a specific knife set. I'd like to make some Things like this to Order. This would require my gathering some specifications on the Knife Set you want a Block for. I'm gonna work up an Order Form that you will be able to fill out here in my Site. For now, however, you can put the numbers, along with your request in the Contact Form. The Figures should be as follows:

  •  Overall length of each knife and number of Knives of each length - ex: 1 Butcher x"L; 2 Carvers x"L; 1 Filet; 4 Steak; 2 Paring, etc.;
  •  Width at Knife's Widest (usually near the hilt;
  •  Thickness of each of the different Handles (This should avoid the unfortunate result I got in this Block that some of the Knives won't go all the way in because the slots are too close together.);
  • Length of Blade from the hilt to the tip.;
  • Blade Thickness (They may not all be the same Thickness - generally, Knife Spines range around 1/8", give or take 1/32";
  • And, if it really matters to you, the overall color tone of your kitchen, or at least the area in which the Block will live, so I can do my best to make it fit in.
  • Another option is to send me your knife set for me to build around.

    Now, as to Price: I haven't a clue, really. Not terribly cheap, though. Remember, this is a Custom Handmade work of Useful Art that is intended to become an Heirloom. For that reason, I like the idea of making this Thing with some fairly exotic Woods, which don't come cheap. I'm gonna put a $94.99 Price Tag on this one, in case you really like it and have the same Knife Set you see in the Photos. I'll entertain any Reasonable Offer.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Please forgive me if all this seems a little cumbersome. I will, as soon as I can manage, make it nearly effortless for you. 


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