Keepsake Box "Valentine"

$ 344.99

    Herr Beethoven was composing a symphony while he lived in Vienna. At the time, for whatever whacky reason, he thought Napolean was all that and a bag of chips. So, the working title of his third symphony (my favorite, by the bye) was (paraphrasing) "Symphony for a hero". Then, Nappy's merry men traipsed into Vienna and started busting things up and making a whole lot of noise. Beethoven changed the name of the symphony to "Eroica", which is the name by which we now know it. His "hero" had become a tyrant, and an obnoxious little pig.

    It was along much the same line that I renamed this piece "Valentine". (It had a different working title).

    This is made from a block of Fiddleback Claro Walnut that I picked up for a song (it was mismarked). and sat around for more than a year-and-a-half. I couldn't do anything with it til I thought I could do it justice. 

    I hadn't had quite enough of that stunning wood, so I made a book-matched panel of it and surrounded it with a frame of Ambrosia Maple. A breath-taking specimen by its own right, Ambrosia Maple is so-named because the tree had been infested with a rather innocuous little bug called the Ambrosia Beetle. The little critters bored small holes in the wood and lived a very happy little bug life, leaving, in the end, some beautiful staining effects, sometimes confused as spalting, which is caused by a fungus not innocuous. Weeeeel, the wood is milled and treated for the "vermin", and becomes the stunning wood you see here.

    The base is a piece of White Oak, and the stringing (the dark line in the lid frame, is Cocobolo.

    I think I did okay by it. Don't you? There are a couple of flaws. Namely: there's a tweak in the lid due to a bad screw; and some barely-perceptible mis-cues in the dovetails. Nonetheless, I'm pleased with it.

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