Candle Lantern

$ 445.99

    This is a Candle Lantern comprised of  Open Segmented Rings on a solid body. The main body of the piece is of stunning Hackberry. The open segmented upper portion is made up of a mixture of woods, including Brazilian Cherry, Canarywood, Black Walnut, and Curly Maple. A total of ninety-seven lovingly crafted separate pieces. It's made to hold a Tea Candle. Note: No. The small flame of such a candle doesn't even make the wood warm. In point of fact, the wood got hot enough on the lathe to turn my tools into branding irons. But, not the flame.

    Finished with Walnut Oil and Friction Polish, the Piece stands about six inches.

    I was so enamored of this Thing that I couldn't even wait til it was off the chuck before I started taking pictures.

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