Bowl of Claro Walnut

$ 144.99

    This Bowl is made of Claro Walnut and is very thin of wall. Claro Walnut is a fetching Wood native to Northern California, also known as Black Walnut (but, usually, not - "Claro" distinguishes it from Eastern Black Walnut and some English Walnuts). In any case, it's a species that displays a wonderful chocolate-brown overall appearance with complimentary shades, sometimes hinting towards a deep red hue. It has a striking Figure, also. This Wood is a treat to turn and Polish. It's one of those Woods that Polish up so nicely that all that is required is a little Bees Wax to protect it. An occasional dusting and rub-down will keep this Bowl in fine fettle forever.

    On its own, this Bowl will make a very nice Coffee Table Candy, or Nut Dish. I can make for you a set of Bowls like this - not identical (every piece of Wood is unique).  It is for sale on its own.

    Use the Contact Page and tell me what you want. I'm at your service.

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