Turned Bowls

    A Bowl can be defined as any number of Things. Generally, I guess, most people think of a Bowl as something to put things in (Fruit Bowls; Candy Bowls; Salad Bowls; Key Bowls (see: Coin/Key Boats in Artistic Turnings), etc. Sometimes, however, a Bowl is nothing more or less than a Decorative Objet de Arte. These are some of the Truest Art, in my opinion. Read the Description of the Large Peach Bowl to understand my meaning. (I do try not to overwhelm you, my Beloved Visitor, with Words). 

    Sometimes, a Bowl breaks in some way while I'm turning it. Typically, I think, It's still a stunning piece of wood. So, yes, you will find herein some Broken Objets de Arte. My justification is, "Venus has no arms". "The Sphynx is one of the most photographed things on Earth. 

    Thanks for coming in. Visit awhile. Say Hello. My little Store is a lonesome place. Look around. And, if you see something you really, really  like and want, but it seems a bit pricey, make me a Reasonable offer. I'm also very open to the suggestion, where appropriate, that I'm Underpricing something. That said, a Piece of Art is worth what the Buyer thinks it's worth. The Artiste is the least-qualified assessor of his Art's value.