Turned Art

    Here, you'll find several items completed all or mostly on the lathe. Items decorative and items useful. Most are both decorative  and  useful, if you  insist   that art must be useful. (When someone asks me, "What's it for?", my general response is to inquire thusly: "Say, I'm Botticelli. I've just painted 'Venus Emerging'. You want to know if I'm going to use it to serve drinks? Maybe as a TV tray?" Nay. Nay!, methinks. Or, "It's Art. You  know  what  Art  is, right?") Okay. I feel better now. On with the show.

    Enjoy your visit. And, if you see something you  really  like, and want, and the price seems a little much,  Feel free to make an offer.  Not to put too fine a point on it, the last person who is qualified to assess the value of a piece of Art is the Artiste. So, while I love my work, I'm in the business of selling the Things I create. And, sell I must, for I must eat.