Peach Bowl "Thanksgiving"

$ 212.95

This Bowl is turned from Locally-Sourced Peach. The diameter at the rim is 7-1/2", at the bottom, 3-1/2". The height is 4", and the depth is 3-1/2". Overall, the wall is fairly thick and sturdy. This is the natural color of Peachwood, slightly darkened by the finishing process. I filled the crack with pulverized quartz. It is End-Turned, meaning that it is hogged out from the end of a log, as opposed to going in from the side. This left the heartwood in its full glory. That's the dark shape in the bottom. It's always interesting to see what shape the heartwood takes, in the end. I think this one looks like Mongolia. The swirling figure in the sapwood is entirely natural, and One-Of-A-Kind. Like fingerprints.

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