Ficus Bowl 7c

$ 179.99

This is the third in a set of Ficus Bowls, turned from Locally-sourced timber. The huge crack that ran vertically through the log presented an opportunity to add a feature not often seen, inasmuch as most turners throw away their cracked wood. I bridged the crack with a series of hand-crafted dowels that are installed at different angles, giving the effect that, they turn from circles (or, "spots," if you prefer) to ellipses that appear to stretch and speed up as they fall from the lip. The wall thickness is about 3/16" at the lip. The bowl is 5-1/2" diameter, 4-1/2" tall, and about 4" deep.

This Bowl may be purchased individually, or as a set with the other two, at a discounted price.

Price doesn't include shipping.

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