A Pair of Vases

$ 174.99

    This Pair of Vases represent a turning point in my life as a Turner. It's the point where I decided it was time to take my relationship with my Lathe to a whole new level. 

    I turned the two Chinese Elm Vases, stepped back and said to myself, I said, "Self," I said, "Self, they need something on top." 

    Lid, perhaps? I mused.

    "Nah. Self, Self, Self (with piteous condescension). Vases have no Lids."

     How's about, then, a pretty somp'n somp'n up there?

     "Segmented Rings, methinks."

     So, here you go. Two Vases, resembling, in a way, Daffodils. One, just open, the other, more so. Each, 5" Tall and made from the same stunning bit of Chinese Elm - the same branch, in point of fact, so they mirror one another - topped with Rings made of Curly Maple, Walnut, and Canarywood. 

    The turning point? Design Committee Meetings between my Echo, My shadow, and Me.

     But, there were only two voices in the conversation, you say.

    That's right. Shadow doesn't say anything. He just takes notes. And sometimes shakes his head.

    Sold as a set.

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