Segmented Turnings

Segmented Turnings are Turnings that are made from several Segments  of various, contrasting and complimentary Woods. A lot of Thinking, Calculating, Figuring, Ciphering, Cutting, Shaping, Sanding, Fitting, Gluing, Watching Glue Dry, Positioning, More Gluing, Watching Glue Dry, Clamps, Heavy Things, Time, Time, and more Time. Then, one gets to put it on the lathe and tempt it all to explode in one's mug. (I haven't had that happen yet. But I've heard stories.) You ought to see some of the amazing things people do with this technique. Seriously. Go look. One of my favorites is on You Tube. A guy named Dennis Edwards has a video about his Dizzy Bowl. I'm sure he wouldn't mind you visiting at my recommendation. While his Piece is not, strictly speaking, a Segmented Turning, it's a great starting point for exploring this genre.