Miniature Decorative Cocktail Vessels

    These Small Vessels can be Requested in any number of Variants, as regards Size, Style, Wood Species and Appearance, etc. Prices Vary, but are really quite reasonable. These are mainly of a Decorative Nature (Knickknacks?), though some can be used as Toothpick Holders, I suppose, if you insist that Art be useful. I do make Specific Things that are intended to be Decorative Toothpick Holders, also. You'll find some of those on the Site. These are all Objets de Arte, 

    Thank you for coming in. Look around. Say hello - it's lonesome in my Little Store. And, if you see something you really, really like and want, and you don't think it's worth what I think it's worth, remember that the least qualified person on the planet when it comes to assessing the value of a Piece of Art is the Artiste. Fell Free to Make me a Reasonable Offer, if that's the case. I'm also more than open to the suggestion that I may be Underpricing my work.