Miniature Urn

$ 794.99

    This is a Miniature Urn. It's about 2-1/2" tallWhy a miniature Urn? asks the wondering visitor. Because I had just sharpened my tools, saith the Woodsmith, and needed to find out just how sharp I had made them. Sharp enough to make a Miniature Urn - or, Lidded Pot, if you will - from a bit of ugly Hickory I pulled out of a box. I intended to cap it with the matching Hickory, but it broke. So, I went to another box where there was a little cube of Olive, that had been waiting to be put to some use. (Most Turners use those little cubes for bottle stoppers. Those people spend money on hardware for bottle stoppers. I do not - yet). People do have their pet fish cremated, don't they?

    Make of it what you will. It's a pretty Objet de Arte. 

   If you'd like a full-size urn, I will happily do those on commission. Contact is required. Prices vary and don't include Insured Shipping.

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