Artistic Boxes

    I began by designing and constructing rudimentary boxes from common woods available at the local home centers. Boxes taught me so much about design (I  have  worked from other peoples' designs, adding some bit of my own interpretation), species interaction, joinery, wood movement, and, above all, finishing. The finish chosen can make or break a piece of Art. I largely steer away from stains and (yuck!) paints. It's the inherent nature of the bit of timber I'm working with that I strive to accentuate. I do this through the use of various oils and waxes. But, mostly, it's in the elbow grease. Always, the Elbow Grease.  I often polish a piece to such an extent that the only thing needed is Bees Wax, and that only to protect the finish. Someone always asks, "What's it for?" "What are you gonna put in it?" The answer, in advance to  you, my beloved visitor, is, "Nothing. It's for selling to you. It's your business, thereafter, what,  if anything,  goes 'in it'."

    Thanks for coming in. Look around. You'll see Boxes I've made that await a new home and boxes that have already been sold. See a design. Take a fancy to it. Say to yourself, "That's nice. I'd really, really like to have something like that to give my Spouse, Child, Self, Favorite Uncle."  Go to the Contact Page and tell me what you want. I will give your request my rapt and obsessive attention. (It's a sickness - I love Wood.)